Protect the Finger Lakes

Watkins Glen residents have been working hard to ensure the DEC gives adequate attention to legitimate scientific and socioeconomic concerns about the Inergy natural gas facility. The DEC’s current draft analysis of the environmental impacts is completely inadequate, ignoring the local health impacts from air pollution. The DEC also neglects to mention the detrimental impact on the thriving wineries and tourist economy in the area.

Residents are committed to stand up for themselves if regulators won’t. We will resist the fracking infrastructure that the industry is trying to sneak through the back door. This fight is key to deciding New York’s energy future. Are we going to be won over by out-of-state energy companies? Or are we going to protect our health, our communities, and our economy by standing up to Inergy?


6 comments on “Protect the Finger Lakes

  1. Britta says:

    Thank you for doing this!! Rooting for you from Vermont!!

  2. This is a classic case on nonviolent direct action as defined by Dr. Gene Sharp of the Albert Einstein Institute in his book “The Politics of Nonviolent Action”. Gandhi, Dr. Martin King, Jr. and others throughout history, have use nonviolent blockades, and waves of nonviolent blockades to out the media spotlight and public pressure on people and organizations who are engaged in unjust, environmentally damaging illegal or immoral acts. To learn more nonviolent tactics and strategies visit the Global Nonviolence Database at .

  3. eileen kline says:

    We should all be thankful for your sacrifice and perseverance.

  4. dan dezarn says:

    Thank you for putting yourselves on the line for our future.

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